941744_10151508730668763_82315115_nIn the September of 2012, Vineet and I became proud, doting parents to little Keya.  After our crash course in learning how to feed, change, bathe, soothe and entertain the little bundle of energy, we could hardly believe how quickly time went by and she transformed into a little food curious person!

Like most mums, I initiated Keya to the world of solid foods with the healthiest of brown rice cereals, mashed fruit and steamed pureed vegetables. After the initial excitement of eating from a bowl waned, her occasional batting at the spoon slowly began to transform into turning her head away and sealing her mouth shut and if feeling especially feisty, whacking the pureed goop right into my hair. Just the thought that foodies like us had a potential fussy eater at our hands was driving me half crazy!

It was times like these that my own and also Vineet’s mum, found terribly amusing, as they seemed to think “Ha ha! What goes around, comes around!”. But the well meaning grandmothers gave me the simplest advice, “She needs better variety. She’s out growing the plain stuff you’ve been feeding her”.

Armed with renewed determination, I started to draw inspiration from our own food and got a little experimental with adding seasonings like cumin, turmeric, garlic powder, and later oregano and basil to Keya’s food. Her initial hesitation, quickly gave way to enthusiasm, and I was thrilled!

Its hard to keep reinventing “everyday” foods to keep baby and toddler interest alive but its a battle we gotta fight. This blog is a way of recording my baby food cooking adventures and sharing what I am learning about getting creative with Keya’s meals. I’d love to hear from the more experienced mums. You’re inputs might save a mum or two!  😉


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  1. Love it!
    I am only just discovering cooking for my little one…Sara is just new to the world of tastes! I have been lucky so far, and seem to have a girl that is happy to try it all, our only request is that it is served with some tuup/ghee! 🙂
    I think cooking for our babies is such a special feeling! Good luck with this blog, i will definitely be following you through! and maybe contribute too 🙂

  2. Thanks Tanya! You are going to have such a blast cooking for Sara! She is such a little darling! Love the pictures on facebook! Thanks again for the support and look forward your contributions 🙂

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