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Baby’s Chicken soup with ginger & veggies


IMG_2693Today, I am in a wee bit of a rush. As Keya was busy playing by herself, I grabbed my chance to update my other food blog ( … And as I was just starting to write this post, I realised what the time was and that I need to get this done super quick as I also need to organise lunch for us and little K. So I am going to cut my usual jibber-jabber short and just give you a quick note about the recipe.

I made this chicken soup for K two weeks ago when it seemed that she was on the brink of a cold. She seemed loved the flavours that the fresh ginger and sesame (her first exposure a south-east asian inspired flavours). I know it made her feel better as she slept well that night inspite of being a bit sniffly.

Nutrition report: Great source of protein and vitamins (due to added veggies), fresh ginger and sesame make this especially comforting to have during an illness.


– 1 cup chicken, cut into small dices

– 4-5 tbsp grated carrots (or finely chopped for an older child)

– 2 tbsp finely chopped broccoli (optional)

– 1 small onion, finely chopped

– A small piece ginger, peeled and finely chopped

– 1 tsp white sesame seeds

– a pinch of salt and pepper

To make:

1. In a pot, boil the diced chicken till cooked.  Skim off any foam that rises to the surface during the cooking. Retain the cooking water.

2. In a non-stick sauce pan heat a teaspoon of olive oil. Add the fienly chopped ginger along with the sesame seeds. Saute for a minute and add the finely chopped onion. Saute onion for a few more minutes and add the grated carrot and broccoli. Stir well and add 1/2 a cup of water to the pan. Cover and cook for a few minutes till the vegetables are cooked and soft.

3. Add the boiled chicken pieces and the water from the boiled chicken (stock), to the pan and stir. Season the soup with salt and pepper. Bring the soup to a full boil and then turn off the heat. Cool down till its at a safe temperature to feed your baby.

As Keya still is still learning to chew, and cannot yet handle chicken pieces, I simply pureed the soup and added a bit of cooked brown rice for some familiar texture.  For an older baby who is willing to experiment, you can add some soya sauce instead of the salt.

This soup is best consumed within 24-36 hours of making (when in the refrigerator), although it will keep well if the unused portion is frozen immediately for up to a week. ( I haven’t tried freezing it longer that that)


Mini Chicken & Sweet Potato cutlets


Sweet Potato (Shakkar kandi) was one of the first vegetables that I introduced Keya to at around 5-1/2 mos. She seemed to really like the sweet-starchy mash at first, but refused to eat it when I offered it to her again a couple of weeks later. Infants are apparently known to do that – Love something at first and hate it later, or  surprisingly accept it if offered in a different “packaging” inspite of the outright rejection the first time. After a few attempts to offer her  steamed or roasted mashed sweet potato puree, I figured I’d offer it to her again, when she had ‘forgotten’ about it, so I began to devise an evil plot to trick her into liking it 🙂  (Yeah Moms do that… we’re the evil people who try to trick innocent babies into eating healthy foods!)

I had a little bit of plain boiled chicken left over, from Keya’s dinner last night, that I did not want lying around for too long.  My goal was to make something that would be simple and could be pulled together quickly.

This recipe for Chicken & Sweet Potato cutlets is inspired from the developmental stage Keya currently is in, where she has developed a pincer grasp, and likes to pick up small bites of food with her fingers and attempt to self feed. It’s also a good recipe to bookmark, if you want to make a larger batch and freeze some extras for later, that you can bake or saute for your toddler’s play date or party. The ingredients are easy to source and will most likely already be in your kitchen pantry. Feel free to substitute plain potatoes if your child absolutely hates sweet potatoes and is beyond the age of being tricked 😉

For the nutrition report card on this : Great source of Proteins, Iron and Carbohydrates.

Oh and BTW – I’m pretty confident K liked these 🙂

03 (1)Ingredients:

– 1/4 cup finely minced or chopped boiled chicken meat

– 1/2 medium sized sweet potato, roasted or boiled, peeled

– 1 small clove of garlic, grated OR pinch of garlic powder

– Small pinch each of cumin & black pepper powder

– 1 tsp finely chopped fresh coriander (optional)

– A small dab of butter

– 1 small wedge of lime + a small pinch of salt


03 (2)To make:

In a mixing bowl, combine the cooked sweet potato cubes and minced chicken. Lightly oil your fingers and mash into a smooth mix. Add all of the remaining ingredients. Adjust seasonings like Cumin/ Pepper / Salt to suit the age of your child.

Shape small balls of the mixture into mini cutlets. For young babies, dab a little olive oil on each side of the cutlet and cook in a non-stick pan till golden on each side. For older kids, you could add a little more oil and shallow fry till a crisp golden crust develops.

If you’d like to bake these, brush the cutlets with some olive oil and bake @ 180 deg C for about 10 mins on each side. Flip, brush second side and bake again. Baking might take longer, so is probably better if you are cooking a big batch together. For a handful of cutlets, makes more sense to go with the non-stick pan.

03 (3)

The quantities mentioned above will yield about 6-8 mini cutlets. If you are making a larger batch, line a metallic plate or baking pan with non-stick or parchment paper. Place the prepared cutlets and freeze till they feel firm – about an hour . Transfer the frozen cutlets into a ziplock bag and freeze for later. I’d recommend thawing the cutlets in the refrigerator before frying or baking them. Since they are small in size, I’m guessing they wont need too long to soften up.