Choco-Almond Oatmeal


The inaugural post for this blog begins with one of my more recent attempts at making Oatmeal more attractive to Keya. I introduced Oatmeal to her at about 7 months. Initially, I cooked the oats in water, and added a couple of scoops of her formula powder to it for extra nourishment. She took to its warm, easy-to-swallow texture pretty well, so I went ahead and began to add fruit like steamed mashed blueberries and later veggies like steamed broccoli & carrots for a more “savoury” version. These additions of course were those which she had been introduced to individually, in plain form between her 5-7th month so I knew she handled them pretty well.

A few weeks ago, she went through a phase where much to my dismay, she refused food in any form, and reduced her milk intake to less that half of what she was normally consuming. The only thing she was more than willing to nibble on were her Heinz chocolate flavoured (no sugar!) baby biscuits. Those biscuits became the inspiration for this recipe.

My research advised me to use only whole rolled raw oats for baby food, not the quick cooking ones, as those have been processed to be well, “quick cooking”, which results in considerable loss of nutrients. Whole oats do take a bit longer (about 8-10 mins) to cook, but it’s hardly a price to pay if they’re better for your baby 🙂 Also, since she turned 9 mos, I began to use full fat cows milk to cook the oats especially if I was adding fruit to them.


– 2-3 tbsp rolled raw oats, ground to the texture that your baby will accept

– 1/4 cup full fat cow’s milk (alternatively cook in water and add some formula powder),

– 1 tsp finely ground almonds

– 1 to 1-1/2 tsp good quality unsweetened cocoa powder

– 1 small pinch of sugar (added this only to balance the bitterness of the cocoa)

To make:

1. In a small saucepan bring the milk /water upto a simmer. Add the ground oats. Add a few extra spoons of water/ milk if they get too thick. Whisk with a fork or a balloon whisk to keep the oats from becoming too lumpy.

2. When about half-way cooked, add the ground almonds and cocoa powder along with the sugar. Keep whisking occasionally to ensure everything is well mixed. Turn off heat once cooked and cool down till its a temperature safe to feed your baby.

3. Oats typically thicken up as they cool so you might need to add a small splash of warm water before you feed your baby.

Happy feeding! Happy eating!

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